General rules

  • Only solo runs will be accepted. (Multiplayer runs are automatically rejected).
  • The video must be uploaded on YouTube, Bilibili or Niconico.
  • As long as the run makes it into the top 3, it can be any run format such as Heroics, TA Wiki, Armorless, etc.
  • Videos must be shown from the start of the quest to the end of the quest.
  • Phone footage of the PC/Switch monitors are acceptable as long as damage numbers and equipment is readable.
  • Videos slightly edited are accepted, but if the video has a lot of cuts or editing it will be rejected. It will require a case by case analysis made by the judges/admin.
  • Editing the waiting screen (cutting it or fast forward until reach the quest time screen) after defeating the monster and showing the skills, armor and charm is allowed.
  • Switch and PC have their own Top 3 per quest and weapon.
  • The runner must show the quest clear time in the video. If it doesn't, the run will be rejected.
  • If the time under decimal point can't be confirmed in the video, it will be recorded as ".99"
  • The runner must show in the video the skills, armor and charm preferably after hunting or capturing the monster.
  • Showing the build/set previously (when the quest start, in middle of the hunt or in the waiting room before starting the quest) is discouraged but not reason of rejection unless the damage doesn't match or any other anomalies are found.
  • The Augment page on every armor piece must be shown to ensure the armor is not outside of the leaderboard's qurious augment parameters (Parameters are currently being discussed).
    • If the runner runs out of time before they can show all armor pieces, they can show the rest of the set after the quest.
    • If for whatever reason the runner cannot show the augment page, they can still show the skill pages for the armor. However, if the judge cannot discern the augments, it is subject to being rejected.
  • If the runner couldn't show the build/set, skills and charm in the video, the owner of the channel where the video was uploaded must write down on the description of the video or comment its own video, the build/set, charm and skills that were used in the run.
    This is an option to avoid the automatic rejection of the video, for not showing the skills by mistake, but not an alternative of showing the build/set in the video itself. If the runner doesn't show the build/set, charm and skills 3 times in a row, their runs will be rejected even if the build/set has been written down. It will always require a case by case analysis made by the judges/admin.
  • The usage of turbo is allowed
  • Key UI Elements must always be on
    • HP
    • Stamina
    • Wirebug
    • Player Damage Numbers
    • Buddy Damage Numbers
    • Sharpness
    • Ammo Pouch
    • Weapon related UI i.e Amp gauge, Demon gauge
  • The use of followers are prohibited

Switch/PlayStation/Xbox Rules

The following counts as cheating and will be rejected:
  • Altering any data in game, even if it is a change to a value that is possible in normal gameplay.
  • Editing charms, even if the charm is possible in normal gameplay.
※ If cheatings are detected and admitted to, "the run will be treated as PC" or if cheating are detected and determined to be malicious "the runner will be excluded from rankings entirely"
  • Theoretical charms aren't allowed
  • Runs using extremely rare charms (probability of appearance) will require a case by case analysis made by the judges/admin.
    If the runner has a lot of extremely rare charms (more than 5 different rare charms) on its runs they will be treated as PC.

PC Rules

(All PC runs will be treated as unofficial record.)
MODs may be standard in PC platform, and it's impossible to detect the use of MODs such as the following.
  1. Fixing monster's initial position which is possible in normal gameplay.
  2. Altering HP or size of a monster to values possible in normal gameplay.
  3. Altering small monster's behavior.
  4. Editing charms which is possible in normal gameplay.
  5. Altering large monster's behavior.
  6. Use of overlay which shows some parameters. (monster's remaining HP, flinch values, etc.)
It is encouraged to disclose any mod usage to help build trust amongst fellow runners.

(About 4, it may be possible to make some guesses by calculating the probability, but it is impossible to distinguish between charms by luck and charms by MOD.)
The following counts as cheating:
  • Altering large monster's behavior or a Main- /Subspawn Location which isn't Part of the Ingame A 60%, B 30% and C 10% Spawn
  • Use of overlay which shows some parameters.(monster's remaining HP, flinch values, i-Frames etc.)
  • Altering small monster's behavior
  • Removing small monsters from the map
  • Removing small monsters from a hunt which are a natural part of the quest target and appear on each of the 3 Main Spawn Locations
    (2022/07/23 updated) Remove small monsters which are a part of a large monster. (which are spawned on quest starts or summoned by large monsters)
    ex) Baggi with Great Baggi, Rachnoid with Rakna-Kadaki
  • Changing Characters Physics and Movement when they are part of the Hunt
  • Altering data to the value which is not possible in normal gameplay
    ex) Using a Mod that uses Previous Game Version's Motion Values)
    ex) Editing charms which is impossible in normal gameplay. (Charms 4-1-1 are not allowed for Game Version 10.03 .
    ex) Changing monsters HP (not Part of the 5 HP Rolls) or size to the value which is not possible in normal gameplay.
※ If malicious cheatings have been detected, "the runner will be excluded from ranking entirely".

Temporary rules

This rule can change or disappear as the game updates but is valid as far as it's written as a temporary rule.
  • Charms 4-1-1 are not allowed. Any run using it will be rejected both on PC and Switch runs.
    This rule will change when or if Charms 4-1-1 can be obtained through Melding Pot not before.
  • Usage of the double-tap/rapid-fire glitch are currently banned. This ruling will change at the final title update and the glitch is still in the game.
The followings are allowed: (updated 2022/08/16)
  • Use of cosmetic mods if they don't change the physics or weapon hitbox.
    (When use of "Layer all Weapon" Mod, please input a real weapon name)
  • (Removing small monsters that spawns regardless of large monsters.
    ex) Bullfango which spawns in Shrine Ruins Area 9, Vespoid which spawns in Jungle Area 9)
  • (overlays that Shows buff timers for Power Seeds, Weapon Buffs like Kinsect, Protective Polish.)
The following is not allowed
  • Use of cosmetic mods that show nudity or genitals.

Qurious Crafting (updated 2022/08/16)

Currently under revision
Only theoretically possible combinations are allowed. Please refer to following spreadsheet to confirm the legality.
Please follows the rules below (updated 2022/12/18)
Currently under revision
  • Budget must not be exceeded
  • The 7th augmentation has to be defense compensation
    The 7th augmentation does not necessarily have to be defense compensation
  • An augmented armor piece must follow the following rules. (from 2022/12/18)
    (number of innate skill type before aug) + (number of new skill type after aug) <= 5
    For example, armor piece which has skill type A, B, C, D innately can only have 1 more new skill.
    Skill type A, B, C, E, F cannot be accepted as a result of augmentation for the above armor piece.

Admin/Judge Rules

  • Judges may not judge their own runs onto the leaderboard.
  • Judges may not maliciously deny or discourage runners from posting to the leaderboard.
  • Judges must conduct matters in a professional manner.
  • If any judges are in violation of these rules, please contact @TLumini
  • If any admins are in violation of these rules, please contact @hotkrin