Please read the rules thoroughly. There are difference between 2 rulesets and 2 platforms.

Common rules



The following counts as cheating: ※ If cheatings have been detected, "the run will be treated as PC" or "the runner will be excluded from rankings entirely".


All PC runs will be treated as unofficial record.
This is because MODs may be standard in PC platform, and it's impossible to detect the use of MODs such as the following.
  1. Fixing monster's initial position which is possible in normal gameplay.
  2. Altering HP or size of a monster to values possible in normal gameplay.
  3. Altering small monster's behavior.
  4. Editting charms wich is possible in normal gameplay.
  5. Altering Large monster's behavior.
  6. Use of overlay which shows some parameters.(monster's remaining HP, flinch values, etc.)
(About 4, it may be possible to make some guesses by calculating the probability, but it is impossible to distinguish between charms by luck and charms by MOD.)

The following counts as cheating: ※ If malicious cheatings have been detected, "the runner will be excluded from ranking entirely".

How to submit

To submit the record you know,
  1. Go to Quest and click the quest of the record.
  2. Check the record list that your submission will be in top 3 and still not on the list.
  3. Click the submit button on top of the list, and fill the form.
  4. Check the information you filled and submit!
Accepted runs will appear in record list. See the Submission Log for judge status.

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